SQL Server, Code Name: Hekaton

Microsoft have now announced Hekaton, which, is a an in-memory DB claiming to be capable of improving transaction performance in the order of 50 times that of SQL for some scenarios.

Aside from being able to load tables or the entire DB into memory, Hekaton also achieve higher performance by adopting a different concurrency model to that of SQL Server. SQL apps which encounter concurrency challenges due to latch contention or blocking should realise significant benefits moving to Hekaton since it does not take latches when accessing data and blocking issues caused by readers/writers should be removed by its new form of row versioning which is used to implement all transaction isolation levels.

Hekaton natively compiles TSQL which effectively means less CPU cycles are required to execute the same stored procs.

Some of the target scenarios for Hekaton include: scale up, low latency (could this be appropriate for tick storage?), ETL scenarios.

So from what I’ve read, Hekaton looks pretty interesting, of course it’s not going to be appropriate for all scenario’s, but definitely worth a much closer look.


~ by kevinsmi on November 21, 2012.

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