New BizUnit SDK Sample

I’ve added an SDK sample to help users get started to the released version of BizUnit, in terms of complexity it’s a lot more than a hello world and should be sufficient to familiarize people with a lot of the concepts. Over time I’ll try to add more samples.

The scenario is based on a BizTalk WCF Web Service, the fact that it is BizTalk sitting behind the WCF endpoint is less interesting, it could equally be a custom solution. The scenario is a trivialized version of a flight upgrade service. The flow from the BizUnit perspective is as follows:

1. The SOAP step invokes a WCF web service exposed by BizTalk. The step is called concurrently, meaning that while it is waiting to receive the response the rest of the steps in the test stage will execute.

2. A new instance of the orchestration is activated. The message content causes the process to execute down the upgrade path of the if/else.

3. The orchestration sends a request to a back end system to process the upgrade.

4. The FILE Read Multiple step picks up the file sent by BizTalk.

5. A synthetic response is generated by the BizUnit FILE Create step, this is sent back for BizTalk to pick up and process.

SDK Sample Flow

6. The waiting orchestration picks up the file and processes if.

7. The SOAP response is sent back to the caller, i.e. the BizUnit SOAP step

8. The waiting SOAP step receives the SOAP response, it passes the response payload to all its configured sub-steps, which in this scenario is a single XML Validation sub-step. The sub-step validates the Xml instance against its schema, and executes an XPAth to check the contents are correct.

9. At that point, the test case has successfully executed so, the test is a pass.

The sample creates the test as a coded test, but also saves it as a XAML test at the end. This is an approach that we tend to use a lot since it makes it very easy to create the ‘base’ test case and then vary it using variation of it in XAML.


~ by kevinsmi on May 25, 2011.

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  1. Sorry could you tell where the download link is located

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