BizUnit 4 – Alpha Release

I had a lot of people asking if they can get their hands on BizUnit 4, I had hoped to formally release it by now but I’ve been too busy. That said, we’ve used it on 3 projects at Affinus to date and been very happy with the results. I’m afraid there’s no docs yet other than what I’ve put on this blog and the code of course!

If you’re interested feel free to download and have a play. If you’re using it on a project I suggest you check the code into your source code repository because it will be changing before I officially release it, though I expect most of the changes will the conversion of more test steps.



~ by kevinsmi on July 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “BizUnit 4 – Alpha Release”

  1. Kevin, Nice to see that its now available. I have sent you an email re: integrating extensions back into the main distribution as we discussed a while back. Please do let me know if you would like to proceed.


    • Hi Benjy,

      Yes sounds good, if you’d like to update your steps to the new v4 format to support XAML serialisation etc and also include unit tests I’d be happy to include them into the main build. I’ll ping you when I return from holiday, I expect I will release Alpha 2 at that point, I’ve made a few other changes in the last week or so which I think cleans things up quite a lot.



  2. […] Kevin has got round to making an alpha release of BizUnit v4. This time the steps are all in XAML which i think should now faciliate new tooling. I’m […]

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