Upcoming Release of BizUnit

I’m close to releasing the beta version of BizUnit 4.0. The release contains probably the most fundamental change since I first developed it, and as such the main thrust of the release centers around the serialization format for test cases which has now been changed to XAML. This gives a whole bunch of advantages and makes many scenarios considerably easier, including:

  • Enabling seamless round tripping of XML to code and back
  • Lowering the bar for tooling
  • Simplifying the ability to import test cases
  • Automatically generated documentation
  • Simplified model for developing new test steps

I’ve been using BizUnit 4.0 in anger on a customer project that we’re working on at Affinus, and so far it’s gone very well. One of the benefits is that the serialization format of each test step is consistent now since XAML is used, where previously it was up to the author of the step to define the format of the steps XML. In addition, previously BizUnit required test steps to implement a proprietary interface in order to enable it to be serialized, the new release removes this requirement making it significantly easier to develop test steps.

Saving and Loading XAML Test Cases: There’s multiple ways to build and execute test cases:

  • BizUnit object model: Test cases can be programmed against using the BizUnit object model, and the properties that individual test steps expose. The test case can be created and executed using this approach, alternatively if can be created using the object model and serialized into XAML format. The following code snippet illustrates saving a test case to XAML:

BizUnitTestCaseXaml btc = new BizUnitTestCaseXaml();

// Create test case

BizUnitTestCaseXaml.SaveToFile(btc, "BVT0001_OperationA.xml");

  • XAML: Test cases can be authored in raw XAML, either from scratch or by copying/pasting/modifying other test cases. XAML test cases can be loaded into the BizUnit object model and executed/manipulated or, executed directly in XAML. The following code snippet illustrates loading a XAML test case and executing it:

BizUnitTestCaseXaml btc =


BizUnit bu = new BizUnit(btc, bizUnitCtx);

Importing Test Cases: Test cases can now be imported in the new version, this has been working very well in real world scenarios where we’ve trialed it. For example, I’m currently using it on a large SOA project. The build verification tests (BVT’s) are layered on top of each other, for example in order to test operation B, you need to execute operation A first to get the application in a state where operation B can be tested, this needs to be performed as part of the same test. For this scenario, operation A has a BVT defined for it, operation B imports the BVT for operation A into its setup stage.  Below is a snippet from a test case to illustrate an import statement in XAML, it can of course also be performed from code:





      FailOnError="True" />


In theory, the import will work to any depth, its really dependant on resources etc.


Test Case Meta Data: Each test case may define meta data to describe the test, such as the name, category, purpose, preconditions,  description, expected results and reference (e.g. can be used to cross reference the test case against the use case it is testing). This meta data may then be used for other purposes such as auto-generated documentation.


~ by kevinsmi on February 22, 2010.

7 Responses to “Upcoming Release of BizUnit”

  1. Hello,
    Any idea as to when you will release this beta version? 🙂 I am interested by your fabulous tool for using it in a Test Driven Development approach for BizTalk.

  2. i’m excited! looking forward to this release

  3. Very nice. Any word on when this will be released?

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you have any updates on this? Also it would be good to know if this will be backward compatible? Lastly which version of BizTalk will this work work? Thanks.

  5. Hi Kevin,
    I would be really interested to try out BizUnit 4 at a client. I’m actually thinking of building a way to modify the tests using some sort of UI (like BizUnit Designer), so we could hand off the work to the test team to define the test cases.

    Would it be possible to get a copy of the current version of BizUnit 4? I would be happy to provide feedback or input, if this results in a better product.

  6. Hi,

    I’m working on the 2010 version of the BizTalk Software Factory and I would like to use the latest version of BizUnit. Any idea when v4.0 can be expected?

    Kind regards,

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