Web Services Contract First – WCF Support

For most enterprise web services the only way to design and develop them is using a contract first approach, often the message schemas are complex and for organisations that have a large investment in web service infrastructure the standards and review process around schema design can be quite onerous.

Typically, this means defining the web methods, defining the XSD’s that will be used to define the request and response message pairs, navigating the schema review process, designing the WSDL, and then writing the code! Any one who has developed web services using schemas that are even vaguely complex will be familiar with the world of pain that the VS toolset gives :-(, and its pretty hard to take a contract first approach.…that’s where I am right now!

So, its great to see thinktecture release the WCF version of WSCF – WSCF.blue, you guys saved me some serious pain today, thanks!!


~ by kevinsmi on October 1, 2009.

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